Musings On Music History Bowie, Starr, & Rose Get Hitched!

04.24: On this day in 1992 David Bowie married fashion model Iman in Switzerland. And they are still married! This shatters our theory about the unspoken rocker/supermodel marriage rule of “use ’em and lose ’em” (see Billy Joel/Christie Brinkley, Axl Rose/Erin Everly, Rod Stewart/Rachel Hunter, et al). But, in this instance, at least, it’s okay because this couple is probably one of the most stunning creatures ever to wander Earth. They’ll probably rule us all one day soon, and we’re okay with that. We’ll forgive them their transgressions against the unspoken rule.

04.26: On this day in 1982 Rod Stewart was mugged and robbed at gun point in broad daylight on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. The object of the gunman’s affection? Stewart’s $50,000 Porsche.

04.27: On this day in 1976 David Bowie was detained at the border between Poland and Russia while customs officials confiscated Nazi memorabilia from his train. Bowie claimed the material was more than just light reading. He was researching a movie project about Nazi propaganda leader, Joseph Paul Goebbels. Hmmm….not sure about that one. We guess it’s possible, but the only movie that Bowie made around that time was The Man Who Fell To Earth, which had nothing to do with Nazis or Goebbels or trains and everything to do with alien-Bowie.

04.27: On this day in 1981 Ringo Starr married former Bond girl, Barbara Bach. The pair met while filming Caveman, quite possibly one of the most underrated films of all time, one of the most visceral and punishing screen portrayals you’ll ever watch, and one of the most amazing films by a rock musician ever. If you believe that, we’ve got a bridge in New York we’d like to sell ya.

04.27: On this day in 1990 Axl Rose married Erin Everly – daughter of Don Everly. Sadly, the love affair didn’t last. Rose filed for divorce after just 27 days. This is great for us, though, because it keeps our faith in the rocker/supermodel unspoken relationship oath of “use ’em and lose ’em” that’s held fairly steady for the last fifty years or so. Before that it was crooner/supermodel or crooner/actress unspoken oath, but the central tenet of the oath has remained true through the years. Just ask Billy Joel/Christie Brinkley and Rod Stewart/Rachel Hunter. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule, but the David Bowie/Imans of the rich and famous world are greatly outnumbered by the Axl Rose/Erin Everleys. And for that we thank them. Without the oath, we’d lose faith in rock.

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Drum / Percussion Teachers


Sophie Pape - Drum Teacher

Sophie Hardwick – Drum Teacher

1. Sophie Hardwick

I am Drum tutor working around Coventry and teaching full time within various schools and to private students. I currently teach in these schools: drumlessonsandmore, drummer, drum lessons

Modern Music SchoolSt. Christopher’s PrimaryManor Park Primary SchoolMy qualifications:

    Teaching Diploma Grade 8 Merit BTEC music performance

I have trained at Nexus Music College for three years and been involved in teaching the 1st year course when in my third year. Before that I trained in a BTEC music performance course. Over the years I have gained a wealth of live experience playing with a variety of people on large and small stages alike. I am committed to passing on this experience and training musicians to be able to perform their best in any circumstance.

2. Emily Witham

Emily Witham Chetenham Drum Tutor and Musician:)


I offer drum lessons from beginner to intermediate and for all ages in the Gloucestershire area. I can teach on either acoustic or electric drums, depending on student preference.

If you’d like to arrange a lesson or find out more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me

Drum Lesson Enrolments for Term 3 2013 ,Drum Lessons For Adults and Children,Distance e-LearningLessons

Drum Lesson Enrolments for Term 3 2013 now open and other happenings

July 10, 2013 /

Simon / Drum Talk, Instruction

Wow I can’t get over how this year is flashing by, lots of cool things happening at the moment both in my own music world and also that of my students. Some of my students are now actively gigging in successful bands and really making a go of it. Billy O’Key deserves a special mention as his playing has really developed over the last couple of years so much so that I trust him to fill in for some of my gigs that I can’t do. He’s now gigging,touring and doing some teaching himself,really pleased for him. Others have been preparing for the upcoming Trinity College Rock and pop exams coming later in the year. This is a really good course that I believe offers a fresher and more enjoyable approach than other outdated examination boards. The emphasis is on playing music in a performance situation and it’s really going down well with students of all ages. I’ve got about 4 spaces available for this next term, two on a Saturday morning and a couple of midweek afternoon/early evening slots. Please get in touch now if you’re interested in a free trial lesson. This free lesson is just that,no obligation,no nagging emails or calls. Come and try it out and get your introduction pack and if it’s not for you then don’t come back. Though I’m happy to say that the vast majority of people do!

Drum Lessons For Adults and Children in Sydney Northern Beaches

May 13, 2013 /

Simon / Drum Talk, Instruction

One question I get asked a lot from adults is “Am I tool old to learn drums?” The answer is definitely No, you’re never too old to take up the drums! I’m getting more and more adults coming for lessons lately and they’re getting some great results. I think learning a musical instrument like the drums is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have and you can get results pretty quickly with a bit of focused effort and a few lessons. I’d say around 25% of my students are now over 40 and for some drumming becomes a big part of their lives as they discover the joy of playing an instrument in a group setting and start gigging with local bands. So if you’ve ever had an inkling that you’d like to learn the drums and want to come along for a free trial lesson please get in touch. You just might find that spark you’ve been looking for!

Distance e-Learning Drum Lessons Now Available

February 6, 2013 /

Simon / Drum Talk, Instruction

Online Drum Lessons now available form anywhere in the World! A proper lesson tailored to your specific needs with feedback and guidance. Not just a bundle of random information. Please check out my online drum lessons information page here


Dave Lourie

Dave Lourie

Has Studied with; Steve Smith (Journey, Steps Ahead) Stanton Moore Ralph Salmins Craig Blundell

Dave is also endorsed as an artist by Yamaha and Zildjian.

Steve Wall

Steve Wall

Drum Tuition Steve offers drum set tuition in all styles of music ranging from: Pop, Rock, Latin/Afro Cuban, Jazz and many more. Whether you are a complete novice or have been playing for some time, Steve will tailor a course of instruction and set out a suitable practise regimen to suit your level and needs.

Trinity Guildhall certification For those who wish to attain graded examinations, I have 13 years experience of (and an extremely good pass rate!) submitting drumming students to the Trinity Guildhall drum set examinations which are recognised and highly regarded world wide.

To read more about Steve or book some tuition follow this or if you would like to take a look at his student site follow this link

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